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Are you struggling to generate leads from your website?


Why build a website with One Zebra?

Most website developers are great at designing building beautiful websites. ​The problem is, most visitors to a website leave within the first 8 seconds because the website messaging isn't clear. They hit the back button and go to the next search result on Google. 

We use a story based marketing framework to get your messaging clear first, only then do we start designing your sitemap and wire-frame. Your Project Manager will then guide you every step of the way until your new website is live.     

Your Time Commitment

We will initially conduct a full review of your existing website content and structure, followed by a series of between 2 and 4 live, virtual workshops to get your messaging and wire-frame right. Each workshop is 2 hours, in addition to approximately 4 to 5 shorter review workshops as we progress through the design and build phase. 

What you can expect

Most website developers will rely on you to write the content and whilst most developers are experts in building beautiful websites, they are rarely experts in human psychology.

Nothing compels the human brain like a great story; think about the last movie or great book you read, scriptwriters use formulas to keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat. Using the same formula, we will help you build a website that invites your customers into a story,  a website that converts visitors into leads.  

How it works

Step 1 

We connect with your relevant stakeholders and decision-makers to fully understand what you need your website to accomplish.

Step 2 

We will work together in a live, facilitated workshop(s), to sketch out the outline for your website. Think of this wire-frame as a blueprint. If required, we will also engage our SEO experts to ensure your website is fully optimised. 

Step 3 

Once agreed, your design and wire-frame are shared with our web developers and we will guide you through the design and build process until your site is ready to launch. Once live, we will provide training for your team and remain on hand to support with any issues in the first month. 


Build a Winning
Sales Keynote

Create a captivating keynote that makes you look awesome

Create Compelling Social Media Content

Write LinkedIn and other social media content that engages your audience


The One Zebra Commitment

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