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Script an elevator pitch that generates interest in the conversation

Are you failing to explain the purpose of your company in one sentence?


Target problem

How many times have you met a sales person at a conference or networking event, who stumbles through a long winded explanation of their company? Sales people often struggle to concisely explain these things and create confusion trying to share too much irrelevant info.


We will use a combination of artificial intelligence and a 7 part storytelling framework to create a scripted, clear and powerful elevator pitch that encourages prospect customers to want to talk further with you.

Your time commitment

A typical briefing before we begin working on your elevator pitch takes 1 to 2 hours. You’ll then be required to provide feedback after completion of the first draft.


In order to ensure your elevator pitch gets results, we recommend creating an internal communications and training plan so that every member of your team (not just sales) are able to confidently deliver your elevator pitch

How it works

Step 1 

We connect with you to understand your business and your value proposition

Step 2 

We will research your customer base using artificial intelligence and draft a compelling elevator pitch using a proven 7 part storytelling framework

Step 3

Once the draft is complete, we will connect with you to incorporate any revisions, ensuring that your elevator pitch is ready to convert more prospects into profitable customers.


An elevator pitch that conveys what you do, how you differentiate from your competitors and offer value to your customers. This will ensure you convert more prospects and drive customer growth.



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Capitvating Keynote

Create a captivating keynote that makes you look awesome


The One Zebra Commitment

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