Stay connected with your customers with an personalised e-mailing campaign

Are your e-mail marketing efforts being ignored?


Target problem

E-mail marketing is often seen as intrusive and the bane of peoples lives as their inbox becomes a time consuming daily chore.

We will write a series of e-mails that invites your customers into a story, adds genuine value and keeps your brand front of mind when your customer is ready to buy.

Your time commitment

A typical briefing before we begin working on your e-mail campaign takes 1 to 2 hours. You’ll then be required to provide feedback after completion of the first draft.

In order to make your campaign a success, your marketing team will need to ensure the campaign is setup within your marketing automation platform

How it works

Step 1 

We connect with you to understand your target customers and overall marketing strategy.

Step 2 

We will research your customer base using artificial intelligence and write a series of emails designed to engage and convert.

Step 3

Once the drafts are complete, we will connect with you to incorporate any revisions, ensuring that your e-mail nurturing campaign is ready to convert prospects into live customers for your business.


A powerful series of e-mails, designed to keep your customers connected to your brand, with content they want to receive.

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