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Stay connected with your customers with a personalised e-mail nurture campaign

Are you generating leads from your e-mail database?


Why use e-mail campaigns?

90% of e-mails get delivered to your audience. 2% of your Facebook page audience see your posts. Everyone has an e-mail address, e-mail is not only the most future proof marketing channel, it has the highest return on investment by far. 

The problem is, it's getting harder to capture your prospects attention because e-mail marketing is often seen as intrusive and lacking value. 

Your Time Commitment

We will initially conduct a full review of your existing e-mail database, systems and capability, agree objectives and the scope for your e-mail marketing requirements. This is completed in a 1-2 hour virtual workshop. 

What you can expect

A powerful series of e-mails, designed to keep your customers connected to your brand, with content they want to receive.

Make the most from your database of contacts and learn how to leverage the power of e-mail to grow your business. 

How it works

Step 1 

We connect with you to understand your target customers and overall marketing strategy.

Step 2 

We will research your target audience and write a series of emails designed to engage and convert. We can also set these up in Mailchimp for you.

Step 3 

Once the drafts are complete, we will connect with you to incorporate any revisions, ensuring that your e-mail nurturing campaign is ready to convert prospects into live customers for your business.


Build a Winning
Sales Keynote

Create a captivating keynote that makes you look awesome

Create Compelling Social Media Content

Write LinkedIn and other social media content that engages your audience


The One Zebra Commitment

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