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6 lead magnet Ideas to capture your customer's attention

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Not everyone that lands on your website is ready to buy; but you can capture their attention with a lead magnet.

Earn your customers attention with these ideas that add value and position your company as an authority and trusted advisor.

Lead Generators come in different forms, here’s 6 ideas to get you started:

1. Create an eBook

Capture your expertise in an informative guide that will appeal to your audience and potential customers. Check out this example:

2. Expert interview

Do you have experts in your business that your clients would value insights from?

Is there a specific challenge being faced by your industry right now?

Are you connected to industry thought leaders that would be happy to be interviewed?

Capturing an interview and then offering your audience access in the form of video, or inviting people to a webinar are all great ways of generating potential leads.

3. Offer a free trial

Give your customers an opportunity to experience your product or service at no cost and with no commitment.

4. Tips or advice list

Write down a list of the frustrations or biggest challenges facing your customers and then offer a list of tips that help overcome them. This is also great content for your social media channels

5. Scripted chat-bots

These popup on your site, offering a series of choices that might be relevant to your target audience, ultimately requesting an e-mail address to share more info with.

Bonus tip – create a chat-bot that also highlights your lead generating eBook and then integrate this with your lead generation software to create a seamless customer experience.

6. Build an interactive calculator or quiz

This could be an ROI or risk calculator, it could provide recommendations based on answers; as long as it provides some insight or value to your customers, they will be willing to exchange their e-mail address for the results.

When you have your Lead Generator, make it available on your website and also promote it to your target audience through email marketing, social media and your sales team.

You’ll want to look into the right lead generation software to automate this process, check out this article for insights on the marketing automation tools you might want to consider.

If you'd like help writing the content for an eBook or e-mail nurturing campaign, or building an interactive chat-bot, click here to schedule a discovery call with the One Zebra team.

We help build marketing content and strategies that get you more customers, close more sales and ignite your revenue growth.

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