4 common mistakes companies make on their websites

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

If you are making these mistakes on your website, they are easy to fix with a bit of effort and could see your conversion rates skyrocket.

If the purpose of your website is to generate leads, you shouldn’t be including anything that doesn’t serve that purpose.

Mistake #1 - Too much information that doesn’t serve the purpose of the website

If the purpose of your website is to generate leads, you shouldn’t be including anything that doesn’t serve that purpose. If I were to look at your website today, would I see any of the following…

  • Lots of menu buttons? These are asking your customer to invest more time and effort to find what they’re looking for, plus they are often a distraction from your core message.

  • Scrolling header photos? These are just plain annoying, I get half way through reading the text and they skip to the next one. Choose one that captures your value proposition and lead with that.

  • Lots of text about your company history? It may well be a great story, but your prospect customer isn’t interested in that yet, they are looking for a product or service that solves their problem.

Mistake #2 - No clear statement of the frustrations you help to resolve for your customers

When I search for a product or service, the best way to capture my attention is to tell me how you are going to solve my problem, resolve my frustration and help me win the day!

Unfortunately, most websites either make you search for this info, or they exclude it completely.

It may seem obvious to you, but your customer needs to be told in clear and simple terms, how you are going to help them.

Mistake #3 - No direct call to action

Sales people have been making this mistake for years and marketers are just as guilty… they forget to ask for the sale!

Sales people lose customers to the competition because of it, and marketers fail to convert website visitors because they are not making it crystal clear what they want them to do.

This is the easiest one to fix, put a brightly colored button on your website with a direct call to action on it… E.g. Buy Now or Schedule a Call.

They key here is to keep it direct and don’t be passive. I’m more likely to engage with you if you make it super easy for me to do so.

Mistake #4 - No transitional call to action

Not everyone that lands on your website is ready to “Buy Now”, or even “Schedule a Call”, many visitors to your website are just doing their research before they decide to talk to a sales person or buy anything.

You will have no doubt heard various stats about this; buyers are anywhere between 45% and 90% down the buyers journey before they are ready to speak to a sales person (just a word of caution on these stats, they vary because they are different for each buyer and influenced by product complexity and market maturity (This is a great article if you’d like to understand this topic in more detail).

When someone lands on your website and they aren’t ready to buy or engage yet, you need to include a transitional call to action to capture their attention. This should add some value, give them something useful and in return, they will be willing to give you an e-mail address or phone number. These are called lead magnets.

In summary, if you are making some or all of these mistakes on your website, they are easy to fix with a bit of effort and could see your bounce rates reduce and your conversion rates increase significantly.

Give them a try and if you need any help, click here to schedule a discovery call with the One Zebra team – we help companies fix these issues and create compelling content to drive lead generation.

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