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Create winning sales scripts and proposals

Is your sales team failing to capture prospective customers?

sales scripts

Target Problem

Whether its on the phone, at a networking event or exhibition, sales people often fail to capture prospect customers attention because they are not connecting on a level that matters to them.


We will use a combination of artificial intelligence and a 7 part storytelling framework to create sales scripts that capture prospect customers attention and sales proposals that stand out from the competition.

Your time commitment

A typical briefing before we begin working on your sales assets takes 2 to 3 hours. You’ll then be required to provide feedback after completion of the first draft.


In order to ensure your sales scripts and assets get results, we will need to work with your sales leaders and sales team to integrate into your sales process and provide coaching and support for your sales team on how to utilize them.

How it works

Step 1

We connect with you to understand your sales process, existing systems and target customers.

Step 2

We will research your customer base using artificial intelligence and draft the required scripts and sales assets.

Step 3 

Once the draft is complete, we will connect with you to incorporate any revisions, ensuring that your sales collateral is ready to increase your sales closing ratios


Sales scripts and assets that position your value proposition more clearly, enabling you to beat the competition and increase your close ratios.


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