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One Zebra - Client Spotlight - KinFitz & Co.

Rewind back to 15th Jan 2020, COVID wasn't on our radar, Zoom was not the goto place for drinks and quiz nights with friends and coffee was enjoyed, sans mask, in cool places like Nathalie's Cafe...

I met Liam and Ben, the founders of KinFitz & Co for a coffee, listened to their plans to build a community focused business, with a clear vision to find and develop sales talent, and shared my passion for Storybrand as the basis for building a marketing and content strategy that works.

Fast forward to today and the guys at KinFitz & Co. have not only launched in the midst of a COVID lockdown (these guys have some serious Kahunas and won't let that minor bump in the road stop them!), they have also established a slick and effective sales funnel that generates leads, keeps them connected to their customers, including a clearly defined message, a great website, a regular webinar series, a lead generating eBook and an interactive cost calculator.

We've loved working with Liam and Ben and we're proud to have helped them build their sales funnel. Check it our for yourself here:

You can also try their cost of a bad sales hire calculator here:

If you'd like help building your website, getting your messaging right and generating more demand for your business, get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

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