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Are you choosing to be confused

A value-driven professional does not choose to be confused.

Video Transcript:

A value-driven professional does not choose to be confused. When was the last time you met a high-impact individual who was always confused about what they should be doing? Likely never. Successful people do not live in confusion. They live in clarity. And it's not because they see the world clearly and the rest of us don't. The truth is we all see the world fairly clearly; we just choose to be confused. What do I mean by that? Well, I find that there are usually one of three reasons I'm choosing to be confused. 1. I'm people-pleasing. I worry about whether or not other people will still like me if I do what I need to do. 2. I'll lose face. I'm worried about what other people will think of me if I do the right thing. 3. I fear the financial consequences or physical consequences of doing the right thing. Do not choose to be confused. Choose to live in clarity. If you found this video useful, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can refer back to it and catch all the latest content as it's published.

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