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2 Minute Book Review - Great By Choice - Jim Collins

In this quick book review, I’m going to give you my insights in 3 areas:

1. How actionable is it?

2. How relevant is it right now?

3. Will it get you results?

In this video, we’re reviewing Great by Choice by Jim Collins, best selling author and business guru and a great storyteller! In this book, Jim asks and answers the question, “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty and chaos, and others don’t?”

Watch the video to find out how I rated it!

Video transcript:

In this Quick Book Review,

I'm going to give you my insights

in three specific areas.

How actionable is it?

How relevant is it right now?

And will it get results?

So, today we are reviewing

"Great by Choice", by Jim Collins.

Best-selling author and business guru.

And also a great storyteller.

In this book,

Jim asks and answers the question:

"Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty and chaos,

and others don't?"

It's very different from his other books,

as it focus' specifically

on the unstable environment faced by leaders.

And not just the performance of them or their companies.

Now, there are so many good things about this book,

but my favorite insight is that the best leaders

are not more risk-taking,

they're not more visionary or more creative,

The best leaders are actually more disciplined,

more empirical and more paranoid.

The other key, is that innovation

was not the key for survive and thrive.

It's actually the ability

to scale innovation with fanatic discipline,

that's the differentiator.

So, is it actionable?

I scored this book 8 out of 10 here.

It has some great stories,

models, and tools that will become

part of your leadership vocabulary.

"10 Xers", "The Twenty Mile March,"

"Fire bullets, then cannonballs," the SMaC recipe,

But it requires a cohesive leadership team

to make these things work.

Is it relevant? 10 out of 10 here.

How many leaders out there

would have expected the unexpected situation

we find ourselves in now?

Few perhaps would've predicted

the COVID-19 crisis, specifically,

but leadership teams that expect a crisis of some kind,

will fare much better.

Finally, will it get you results?

8 out of 10 here for me.

I can speak from experience,

this and some of Jim's other books

have served as great tools,

throughout my leadership career.

So, are you a fan of Jim Collins?

If you found this video useful,

like or comment below.

And have an awesome day, everyone!

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