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Over the last 20 years, I've helped build successful sales, marketing and communications teams, but it wasn’t always easy. I faced challenges with poor performing sales teams and frustrations with marketing consultants who failed to get the ROI on marketing spend they promised. I established One Zebra to address these issues and ensure other businesses don’t have to face the same frustrations.

We help company’s clarify their message, we build websites, lead generators, automated e-mail campaigns and sales pitch decks using the power of story, so your brand message gets noticed, you generate more leads, close more sales and your business thrives.  

Interested in working with me to get your messaging right?    Or would you like to become an independent Marketing Consultant powered by One Zebra?

Drop me an e-mail on


“The years I’ve spent working with Matt have been some of the most rewarding of my career. I credit much of who I am professionally to his leadership, coaching and support over the years”


Matt Wilkins, Director of Learning Technology

Matt Jennison

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